Light in the Forest

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Light in the Forest is a book filled with beautiful paintings and an inspiring message designed to help children struggling with anxiety and fears find a way out of the darkness by following the light. In Light in the Forest, Holly uses her beautiful paintings of forest animals to help children struggling with anxiety and fear.

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Light in the Forest, by acclaimed Canadian artist Holly Carr, is a picture book filled with beautiful paintings of forest animals. It offers an inspiring message to children struggling with anxiety: “Do not be afraid. I am not afraid.” During a time when many children are struggling with the fear of the unknown, Light in the Forest is an important and timely book.

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Holly Carr


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3 reviews for Light in the Forest

  1. Sylvia McNicoll

    Stunning illustrations of wildlife accentuate a timely message: Do not be afraid, you are not alone. he eyes of of the raven, hare deer etc, represent the unknown to the reader but once the full animal is revealed, the narrator declares themselves unafraid. Even if it is a bear growling or a linx lurking.

  2. Kezia Calvert

    I read this book to my 5 year old daughter and she loved the unique selection of animals accompanied by the visually stunning tapestry of the forest at night. By the end of the book she was able to chime in with the “I am not afraid” mantra. This book successfully addresses the important concept of fear in a very beautiful way. I highly recommend this book to anyone with young children.

  3. Emily Seddon

    The imagery in this book is amazing. There are many different animals featured here and I love the message behind the book. There is no complex storyline or thoughts, so this book is perfect for small toddlers as well. My 5-year-old loved it as much as my 1-year-old.

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