I crossed the Rubicon when I turned 40 — I left my job as Publisher of a leading educational publishing house and started my own small company, Rubicon Publishing Inc. Today, 27 years later, Rubicon is thriving, with thousands of titles sold in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia. And we are moving steadfastly into the digital era with exciting resources for students and teachers of the 21st century.


As we headed into 2015, I started a new imprint, Plumleaf Press, to create “books to linger over” — beautifully designed and produced books for readers, young and old. I came up with the name Plumleaf Books for a line of books for women and children by combining my father’s surname, Lee (李), which means plum, and my mother’s surname, Ye (葉), which means leaf.


In Chinese tradition, the plum, which blossoms even in the deepest winter, is a symbol of integrity, fortitude, tenacity, and blessing. A green leaf is a symbol of renewal and hope.

– Maggie Goh, President and Publisher, Plumleaf Press

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