Willa's House

By David Booth

Willa’s House, David Booth’s final book, is a tribute to women teachers, the joy in life’s small moments, and to home.

In Willa’s House, author David Booth takes us on a nostalgic walk back to the quiet contentment of calmer times. Based on a true story, this heartwarming chronicle of a teacher’s life in a small Canadian town illustrates the tragedies and triumphs that centre around this one home. These events demonstrate Willa’s strong ties to family, friends, and students as well as the ways in which she makes a lasting impact on her community. With her less-than-typical trajectory, Willa shows us that there is more than one way to lead a fulfilling life.


Women on the Ballot

By Betsy McGregor

The current political reality has awakened in many women the urgent determination to be involved — but the journey from the sidelines to political power is seldom a straight path.

Enter Women on the Ballot, an essential roadmap designed to encourage, equip, and empower women to step up and run for political office. This is a book about women who saw things as they were, knew change was needed, and entered into Canadian politics.

Gleaned from more than 100 hours of interviews, Women on the Ballot offers compelling stories, insights, and advice from more than 90 Canadian women with diverse backgrounds across all levels of politics and party lines.


Labyrinth of Green

By Diana Hayes

Written by West Coast poet and photographer Diana Hayes, Labyrinth of Green is a stunning new collection of poems and photographs that will remind you of the special places in the world that speak directly to your soul and nourish you with their mystery and their silence. It represents the expansion of Hayes’s poetic vision

into the realm of photographic dreamscapes and narratives. Organized into five thematic sections — nature, youth, ancestry, loss, and reawakening — this book not only offers wisdom, peace, and reflection to readers of any age, but it also reminds us of how pleasurable and freeing it can be to escape and lose ourselves in a labyrinth of powerful words and images.


The Women in this Poem

By Georgia Heard

Passion. Laughter. Divorce. Mom bodies. Beauty. Truth. Ferocity. Forgiveness. Love. Laundry. From the outstanding to the unexpected, this essential collection will put a lump in your throat, set your soul on fire, and remind you of who you are and how you want to live your life.

Edited by acclaimed poet and author Georgia Heard, who became acutely aware of the beauty and power of poetry when working on an anthology of poems to comfort children fter the September 11 attacks, The Woman in this Poem features the work of both renowned and lesser-known female poets from the past 150 years.

Organized into five thematic sections centered on the topics of Love, Motherhood, Work, Family and Friends, and Balance, this book not only offers wisdom, comfort, reckoning, and redemption to readers of any age or gender, but it also reminds us of how pleasurable and enriching it can be to lose ourselves in the power of well-crafted words.